Sprout Love

#1 Radical Roamer Podcast: Cooperative Economics and Farming with Rob Barnett

June 04, 2020 dee Season 1 Episode 1
Sprout Love
#1 Radical Roamer Podcast: Cooperative Economics and Farming with Rob Barnett
Show Notes


In this episode, I interview Rob Barnett, a regenerative farmer, community organizer and "sometimes chef" about collective action!

Rob takes us down his journey of going from the military to being a farmer!

Do you want to start a collective, but don't know where to begin?

You're in the right place! You can begin by listening to this 1hr podcast episode while you're watering your plants!

Rob stresses the importance and effectiveness of working as a collective and maintaining proper communication. He digs into his experience with collective action and shares resources and tips on how to start a cooperative.

He references the book Collective Courage which discusses how mutual aid evolved from the African diaspora. People would pool their money to buy peoples' freedom, or pay for funerals and other necessities.

He also touches on what people can do to move from a more individualistic mindset to a collective mindset.

Check it out!!

Intro music- "Occupy" by Rising Appalachia


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Not mentioned but so important:

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