Sprout Love

Intro to the Sprout Love Podcast

December 01, 2021 Sprout Love Season 1 Episode 1
Sprout Love
Intro to the Sprout Love Podcast
Show Notes

This is a short episode about the Sprout Love Podcast, what it's all about and your host, Danielle!

The Sprout Love Podcast all about healing of the earth, mind, body and spirit!

If you're passionate about healing the earth, and/or healing of the mind/body/spirit, and you're interested in coming on the podcast, send an e-mail to Dee@Sproutlovenotwar.com.

If you're interested in cultivating deeper self love and sprouting a business aligned with your true self, book a free call with me at www.sproutlovenotwar.com

Intro song- "Occupy" by Rising Appalachia

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